Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pictures of Prichard

I took the following pictures while recruiting in Prichard for another survey site at Whitley Elementary.

This picture is of partially burned house that we had on our recruitment list. The family and previous survey participants are long gone. The mangled house was surrounded by occupied homes. I can't get over how aesthetically displeasing these houses are amongst all the occupied houses in the neighborhood. It was the first time that I had recruited at a burned home. We see them all the time but I have never had the address of a burnt house on my recruitment list.

Here is another example of a vacant home that is not burned. This is a very common sight and several of the addresses we recruit at get a failure code for being vacant.

Here are some examples of occupied houses in Prichard.

Dowtown Prichard is now a ghost town of boarded up buildings and barred stores. Here are some pictures of the main street.

Here are some positive messages on billboards in the area. The HIV/STD rate is extremely high in Prichard, so efforts for public health campaigns constantly include public service announcements, such as the one below. My partner and I were also inspired by the billboard from this Prichard mother, celebrating the successes of her children. It is also very interesting how idolized these few success stories are in the community, when they are not the reality for so many young people living in Prichard.

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