Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Government Housing

The following pictures are of a new government housing project that has just been built. Orange Grove looks brand new. The houses are painted, the lawns are green, all the windows and doors are intact. This is what Roger Williams, R V Taylor and Josephine Allen looked like when they were built a few decades ago. The houses are built with cheap materials, as they are meant to be transitional living for families in need. But when talking to families in these projects, you quickly realize that this is not temporary housing. Generation after generation will live in these housing units, and because poor resources and lack of up-keep are commonplace, the new houses of Orange Grove will slowly begin to rot, become invested with bugs and consumed by molds. Lawns will dry-up, and windows and doors will be broken and boarded-up. Eventually, these housing units will deemed uninhabitable and the project will be shut down like Josephine Allen, displacing hundreds of families.

Orange Grove Housing in Mobile, located next to the highway:

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